Complete blood analysis in seconds with just one drop of blood and no consumables.

Super accurate blood analysis in seconds

BYSPECTRA uses highly disruptive methods and technologies that make it the future of body fluids analysis. Some of the main features below:

  • Real-time results and immediate testing
  • Micro-sampling (just 1 small drop of blood)
  • No consumables needed
  • Portable device
  • Easy to use


Collect the blood sample

Using our patent protected collection accessory that allows to execute a quick, painless and reliable blood collection procedure.

Insert the sample on the device

After you insert the sample on the device you just need to run the test. After the data collection is executed it is sent to our cloud server.

Check the results on your browser

Our proprietary algorithms and artificial Intelligence process the data and in just 2 seconds you get all the results on your web browser (laptop or mobile).

All-in-one Hematology and Biochemical analysis capabilities

A single equipment that can process super accurate hematology and biochemical analysis without needing any consumables. No other solution in the market can do this.

We’re on track to enter the Veterinary analysis market by 2018

Interested in disrupting the clinical analysis market?

Who is it for?

Simple pay-per-use pricing plans. If you are a veterinary clinic or Hospital get in touch with us.

For small veterinary clinics

For medium veterinary clinics

For veterinary hospitals

Interested in becoming part of the team?

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